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December 19, 2007


Jacob Raupp

Mr. Keppler, not related to your blog, but i read your recent column about Pentax cameras, and owning a K100D myself, I find the same allure to the camera as you do. I have been searching frantically for that Phoenix 100-400 lens and wondered if you knew where I could obtain one? Thanks and keep up the great writing...Jacob Raupp

Steve Maglione

Mr. Keppler.

I have been in the photo business as a pro and novice for over 50 years.
I well remember Mr. Keppler from many tears ago, having been a subscriber of Modern Photo and Pop Photo for as many years. His articles were the first I read and were the deciding factor in some of my photographic purchases.
Brilliant man.
He will be sorely missed.
God bless the family.

Steve Maglione

Tony V.

I have been reading Keppler's columns for a long long time, except for the time I was a combat photographer in Vietnam. If he didn't say so, it wasn't so. One day my wife, while I was in the hospital, got rid of 15 years of my old pop photo and modern magazines. I wish I had each one of them back. I have always looked for his column in the magazine and felt it has 1/2 of the magazine's REAL photo news not manufacture's PR that passes for news in other photo magazines. I'm not sure what I have to look forward to, in persuit of photographic honesty.
God be with hm and his family.

Jerry Manion

I too waited each month for Mr Keppler's column originally in Modern Photography and later in Popular Photography. He truly was the voice of reason not afraid to address such delicate subjects as "Grey Goods" and the "Bait and Switch" sales tactics of some of your own advertisers.
He also was a window into the Japanese Photography Industry and identified the the key figures at Nikon, Canon and (especially)Minolta and gave insight into there product development process and their marketing philosophy. He will be missed.

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