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November 30, 2007


Chan Tran

"But what do I really want? A comfy, rugged, gem-like, compact, four-control, digital Leica 1(A). You can leave off all the ornamental stuff. That's not too much to ask, is it?"

No, that's not too much to ask but I've been asking for one for a long time. I hope that camera manufacturers would listen to you Herb, as they often did in the past.

Bill Koch

Amen! The DSLRs are just to big and bulky to carry around. The distance from the back of the camera body to the tip of the lens is hugh! Would love a camera that was simple enough to use without having to get the instructions out. My favorite camera for compact size, great pictures and ease of use was my old Minolta SRT 101.

steve miller

Have any of you tried the Leica V-Lux 1? I have used one for about a year now and love it. It's not an slr so you don't have to see the new dust spots every time you change the lens. The lens is 35 to 420 (35mm equiv) so I've almost always got the lens I need for any situation. It has image stabilization. It's light and I'm over 60 and tired of lugging around heavy cameras. And Herb mentioned menus as what he hates. I gave away a newer Canon to a friend about a year ago because I simply could not find what I needed in the menus fast enough. The V-lux 1 menus are simple, logical and easy to use. I did not even have to read the manual to access almost all features I use on an average shoot. It has minimal noise at higher ISO's. So far 3 of my friends have gone out and bought this camera after they used mine for a few shots. And the price is way under $1000 for the camera an a few extra batteries. The only drawbacks I have found with this camera are the lack of a bulb setting (I like to take night photos) and I would like something wider than 35 mm sometimes.

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