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October 01, 2007


Joey Jason

This is the situation mirrored in Todays cell phones. Except the process has gone further and more extreme, earlier mobiles such as the nokia 3210 do not have any battery support from the manufacturer, and even now replacement batteries from Third party manufacturers are rare. Other phone models such as the 3310 which still have descendants using the same batteries (3315 3350) are lucky somewhat as their descendants still have some battrey support.

Certainly with compact p/s digital cameras they may go the way mobile phones had: they get replaced so much that the unit is replaced with a 'better' model way before the battery ever wears out.

Samuel Jones

I would like to get your column from a few months ago, where you talked about optical viewfinders vs LCD's. You mentioned you liked Canon point & shoot products because they had both.

Samuel Jones

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