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July 26, 2007


Gilbert James

You and I have enjoyed a fine hobby, one that as you stated will not endure the digital assault, and deservedly so.


I couldn't agree more on your take on "old" cameras. If they're operable (and sometimes even if they're not) I buy them.

I noticed there is a Kodak Super 6-20 on sale on Ebay right now! Sure would love to get one of them.

Michelle Knight

I would not class myself as a collector to the same degree as my mentor (may he rest in peace) with the glass cases lining the rooms with photographic history, but my Linhof medium format, and my Minox, have pride of place on the shelves. (I know, the film backs need heavy repairing and I just don't have the readies. Also, I don't seem to be able to source the Minox film in the U.K. - cost would likely be prohibative even if it were.)

They are still sound, however, and it would be my dream to take the Linhof for a spin one day. Lottery, lottery, wherefore are thou win?

As to why buy them? Characteristics. Car drivers have their vintage cars that turn heads and get people talking. One day I would love to turn up at a shoot with the Linhof, use the light meter on the crowd, walk back to the camera and take the picture. I'd love to know what that would do to my own mind, let alone other peoples.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Who knows, maybe when the pixel race quiet down, somebody will start building beautiful cameras again.

I have a dozen classic cameras on display, all of them bought simply because I like the aesthetic of them.

Eolake Stobblehouse

... By the way, let's face it, what camera after 1980 would you collect anyway? They are all "wunderplastic" cameras.


I just bought a Kodak Senior Six-20 and wanted to know how much it is worth? Does anyone know


Hi: I have a Vintage Kodak Super Six-20 in its Original Case w/the 3 colored (what I believe are) lens covers AND the original Signed Letter from Kodak stating what repairs and maintenance work was done on that specific camera. I'm looking to sell mine and haven't a clue as to where I should go to sell it as I've found out they're worth quite a bit. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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