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May 14, 2007


GB Mukherji

Whatever anyone may say, I have turned from a die-hard Pentax fan to a "will rather die than again buy a Pentax". The reason is quite simple. All reviews are time topical. There is just no way that one can know how a product will perform on the long run. The first Pentax I bought was a P30 T, followed by a P30 N. Both went out of order in about five years of light use. The shutter would not click. Then I bought a Mz 50, a Mz 10 and a MZ5n. Within about five years all but the MZ10 was 9and still is) working. (Incidentally Pentax discontinued the MZ10 within a few years of its release).

Electrical shorting is what I think is the problem. I remember reading in an electronic magazine that electronic parts come in three categories of quality. Some SE Asian countries use the third quality, and hence the prices are low. I am convinced that Pentax source their parts from these low quality shelves; hence the comparatively lower price. Nikon and Canon go for the better ones, I presume.

The short point is now I have gone in for Canon. Hopefully, time will prove me right.


ron scharven

the first "real" camera i used was a pentax spotmatic from the air force...the first real camera i ever owned was a k1000. not having gone through a plethora of pentax cameras to digitals....resting on my shelf, ready to use, is my k1000 that in great shape and frequestly used. will i ever get rid of my k1000...not for any amount of money

B Demers

My first real film camera was a Pentax ESII back in the 70's. I passed it to my dad who then passed it to my daughter. It is still going strong.
Cheap components? I think not.

My first real digital was a Pentax istDL. I've now passed this on to my daughter and have purchased a K100D for myself. A bonus is that the old 70's lenses work with the new camera and benefit from shake reduction as well.

Gordon Lucas

My favorite camera of all time was the Pentax 645. I had to sell this camera in the mid-seventies to buy a car. I still remember that camera as the instrument I took the best pictures with of any camera I'd ever owned. Now I have a K10D and a K100D. The 10D is great, feeling just as solid as another premium DSLR that gets much more attention (for not much reason, either, methinks)

But you know what? I'm just as likely to have my little Pentax K100D in my hands. It feels to me NOT like a K1000, but more like a miniature 645. It's solid, versatile, incredibly good in low light and I take good pictures with it. It seems like an extension of me, like me old beloved 645. If I was mugged tomorrow, I would rather the thief take my K10 than my K1000, believe it or not. This camera has charisma and charm!

Michael Perham

I have owned Pentax MX, LX, SP and MZs and now the K10D, all funcutioned superbley and serve, or served, me well.

I am seriously contemplating buying a K100D and the 21mm and 70mm pancake lenses to replace my P&S camera. I would realy like to see the striped down K100D2 as suggested my Mr. Keppler.

Derek Heeps

I think GB above has been unusually unlucky .

I started out with a KM in the mid 1970's , that was the only new camera I ever bought . A few years later I got a secondhand Pentax ME , followed by two MX's then two LX's . These cameras served me well for many years and I only recently went digital with a used *ist D and also bought a used MZ-S due to secondhand prices dropping sufficiently .

I still have all of the above cameras , together with many lenses and accessories collected over the years . All of my cameras still work (the only fault being the light meter no longer functions on the KM , but the camera still works otherwise) . While most of the older cameras are now kept in a display cabinet , I still am confident that I could pick up any one of them and use it .

Out of the few friends I have who also use Pentax equipment , I have never heard of any having trouble with their cameras ; this includes a couple of P30 owners , an MZ-50 owner , besides people with ME supers , MX's , LX's and even screw mount bodies .

I use my cameras every day ; these days I primarily use the *istD and the MZ-S , still carrying one LX as a backup . My 20 year old daughter has one of the MX's to learn on .

I am somewhat surprised , therefore , that one person could have so much bad luck as GB , above .

Michelle Knight

It was sometime last year that I was talking with a friend and wished for that exact same thing on which Ko Torigoe questioned you.

It was by pure luck that I entered in to the world of SLR use in the very early 90's by buying a K1000 from a fellow student. Even today I take it out and use it for relaxation. It has another outing scheduled in August.

I did a brief stint as a sports photographer with an ME, but ran it in to the ground.

Lately, after toying with digicams a friend persuaded me to the *istDS, a fine camera apart from the autofocus speed. At that same friends insistance I went to a K10D ... great camera and I love it to bits ... but after reading your article I find myself wondering if the K100D was the way I should have gone.

Now I am to buy a house, so if the K100D is still around when baked beans are not the only food I can afford, I will definately look it up.

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