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April 25, 2007


Roger DuBois

I'm not even much of a fan of evaluative or matrix metering- sure it works, but you have no idea what type of compensation the "Camera" thinks this scene needs! ophs, did I say camera and thinks in the same line!?


My father gave me my first SLR when I was nine years old, back in 1990. It had no autofocus and a busted light meter. The second SLR he gave me (an Olympus OM1) had a poorly working light meter, and if it had autofocus, it was broken. My third SLR (a Canon AE-1) worked a bit better. Then, for a long time, I due to life circumstances, I used a full automated, I couldn't control a thing, cheap dig P&S.

I recently bought a Nikon D80. I was unhappy with it for about two months. Sometimes spot or weighted metering was better than matrix but overall...I wasn't happy. Once I finally turned almost everything else OFF and started manually metering--ta da--much happier. I tend to shoot a lot of taekwondo events--the white, white, white of the uniform and the green, green, green of the mats just throws the camera's metering system out of whack. So much easier to do it myself!

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