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January 10, 2007


Phil Buzard

Over the years you've saved my photographic butt in many of your articles in Pop Photo.

This is the first time I've read your blog.

This article is right on time.
Fortunately, you are photographically psychic.

I just purchased a Sony Alpha 100.
The only question I had about the camera was what to do about using my external flash.

Thanks for your prompt reply to my question.

Have a Happy Day

Michael Houghton

This has reminded me of the deep pain I felt when I realised that the only way to separate my Nikon SB-28 from my Fuji S2 was with minor surgery courtesy of a repair shop. The two had become morbidly inseparable, thanks to a damaged locking pin.

From then on:

a) all my flash units have had their locking pins removed, because an obsolete Nikon flashgun hitting the floor costs less than having one surgically extracted from the shoe (and the fit is tight enough without them), and

b) I have wished that hotshoe design was better.


You want Sony to do something their customers need and want? Uh. PS3. Rootkit. Overall decreasing quality of product...

I hope it happens, but...


What does Sony's PS3 (that I've not heard anything negative about - other than a stupid product launch) and now-history rootkit have to do with technology developed by Minolta almost 20 years ago? Perhaps they realized their customers wanted an evolution of the Minolta DSLR line, which they have provided. If I didn't already have a Maxxum 5D, I'd be in the market for an A100. It's a top-notch camera!

I get more than a little tired of folks beating up on Sony for what game and music divisions do (or have done). Their Audio/Video products have done quite well for me over the years. And now they're carring on in the photo division where (Konica) Minolta left off. C'mon folks...get over it...


Also, don't forget about the PCT-100 flash adapter that Minolta made. It's more expensive because it provides built-in voltage protection against high-voltage flashes and studio strobes. I don't know if it is still available or not. I'd guess not unless Sony is now producing them...looks like Konica-Minolta has gotten out of that market completely...


I have a Maxxum 5D and an older Promaster 7000M hot shoe flash. I was told by Promaster that it was not compatible with the 5D because of voltage. Would Gadget's Hot Shoe Adapter III protect the camera like the Wein Hot Sync module?


Herb -- Your Pop Photo columns have been one of the reasons I still get the magazine. In this all-digital mania, you reduce some of the topics to common-sense articles that are actually useful, and not full of hyperbole.

Another accessory that photographers should not be without is the simple hot show adapter that allows the use of PC-connection to studio strobes and other flashes. Seems that Nikon and others leave the PC terminal off most of the cameras, but it's still a useful thing to have on any camera!


I was happy to go the the web site that you mentioned in this artical. I did go through and find many things that would be usful to me photographicaly, but I was concerned about the extra fees and import costs that might be incured from ordering from this company. I would not want to find out the hard way that a $20 part is going to cost way more thatn I thought because of the import fees and port authority taxes that would be imposed when ordering from the suppliers of overseas. I did e-mail them directly, and to date have not gotten any reply. This does not make me feel good about using an overseas vendor.

Andrew Tift

Hi Herbert,

Greetings from England.
I am considering purchasing the Sony A100 DSLR and I have an already existing non sony or minolta studio flash. Is there any connector that I can use to connect my alien flash to it?
Thanks for your time.
Best wishes,
Andrew Tift


I just want an adapter to fire studio strobes from my A100.What adapter can I use? HELP

Ric Kirchner

It doesnt appear that the Hot Shoe Adapter III will work with the film Minolta Maxxum 5. I too am trying to fire off camera strobes and cant do it without using the on camera flash (GN12). Works ok, but would still like to use the mini strobe but cannot attach it. No PC connection, Hot Shoe is just too unique.... Any ideas folks?

Bob Sweeney


I've been reading your column for more years than I care to count. I find your articles filled with a common sense approach that is not only refreshing but its my main reason for buying Popular Photography. I do have a question regarding this article that you may be able to shed some light on. I have 8 Minolta bodies, (1)-101;(1)-102;(1)-XD5;(2)x700'S;(1)MAX.50;(1)MAX70 AND A RANGEFINDER. I have two Sunpak 422D's with MD-2 shoe module. My question is will this device allow me to use the Sunpak's on the Max. 50 & 70 as well as Sony's Alpha? Do you know if the device reduces the voltage to these newer camera's? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Bob

Patrick Corrigan

"D" wrote:

"Iwas happy to go the the web site that you mentioned in this artical. I did go through and find many things that would be usful to me photographicaly, but I was concerned about the extra fees and import costs that might be incured from ordering from this company."

The shipping is about $5.00 as I recall and takes 7-8 days.

Andrew Tift wrote:

"am considering purchasing the Sony A100 DSLR and I have an already existing non sony or minolta studio flash. Is there any connector that I can use to connect my alien flash to it?"

The Gadget Infinity device should work for you. Make sure your flash trigger voltage is 12v or less.


I have the sony alpha camera, speedotron 802b strobe system, and, Minolta PCT-100 hotshoe adapter with built in voltage protection. I am new to this setup, and, can't get the strobe to fire. Battery on adapter reads ok. Sony 5600 flash fires on shoe with no problem. Strobes test fire fine. What am I doing wrong???? Please help!!


As an owner of two Sony Alpha cameras, I could not agree with you more.

In fact I find it a great shame (and a tad ironic) that the PopPhoto review of the Sony Alpha 700 criticises it for having a "nonstandard flah shoe".

Kevin Lenard


I have a new DSLR with a standard shoe and an old Minolta 3500 xi flash unit I want to use with it. The Gadget Infinity adapter works the opposite way, allowing standard flashes to fit on Minolta's Maxxum shoe on Minolta cameras. Any chance there's an adapter that goes the other way and will enable me to avoid purchasing a new flash unit?


I have a Minolta Maxxum 5 camera & Sunpak 4000AF flash. I recently bought a Sony A700 DSLR which is a bit expensive. Is there any way I can use my old Sunpak flash with Sony. Does any adapter will allow my old flsh to use with Sony DSLR without any problem or do I have to buy a new flash unit.


mr Herb Keppler.
i like to read your article....


I have a sony dslr a100 and am trying to connect a different brand flash (quantaray) to the camera. i bought the fs-1100 from gadget infinity, but it isn't working. any tips? i can't figure out any other way to connect the two devices.

N. Lynne

Well, now Sony makes a hot shoe adapter for the Alpha series, only catch is...it costs $129.00!!! Insane. I just ordered one of the adapters from Gadget Infinity, hope this will work with my radio slave flash trigger!

R. Weber

If you need a Sony adapter PC connection for studio flash, with a hot shoe for a standard 3rd party hot shoe flash, AND a safe sync circuit for high sync voltage protection - check out www.safe-sync.com . Works great with all Sony DSLR's.

Margaret Lane

My question is what about the voltage of higher voltage systems and the FS-1100. I happen to have a sony Dslr A 100 and I also happen to have the FS 1100 hot shoe thing. Sony says I may fry the electics. I used this FS-1100 on a Manolta 3xi

Donovan Keogh

Did you know the BBC's internal work experience / work placement scheme is also known as "Hot Shoes"? No-one seems to know precisely why, though.

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Margaret Lane

I have one of those FS 1100 for my Minolta. I have wondered if it would work ok for the Sony Alpha 100.

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